Feeling better 2.

Felling better – again

Love yourself:

This will help you feel better!  Strange as this may seem, it is asking rather a lot to expect another person to love us if we don’t consider ourselves good enough for our own love.  Or perhaps we find it difficult to love ourselves because that would be conceit.  If we look back to where our resistance to this idea originates, we will come to understand a great deal about the way we approach life.  Louise Hay (1991) identifies some of the ways in which we sabotage ourselves by acting or thinking negatively.


Self-criticism: It is an almost universal tendency to criticise and berate ourselves for not being as good as we feel we should be at a particular thing or activity.  In fact ‘should’ is one of the most common words we apply to ourselves.  We ‘should’ be better parents, better employees, and better people in general.   Referring back to exercise 7, if we were asked to think of a list of things we were bad at, the chances are we would think of a lot pretty quickly!

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