A novelist’s thoughts about how we carry past guilt…

A novelist’s thoughts about how we carry past guilt … 7198332-man-crouching-with-hands-over-face

But if something hurts me, the hurt I suffered back then comes to me, and when I feel guilty the feelings of guilt return; if I yearn for something today or if I feel homesick, I feel the yearnings and homesickness from back then.  The geological layers of our lives rest so tightly one on top of the other that we always come up against earlier events in later ones, not as a matter that has been fully formed and pushed aside but absolutely present and alive. I understand this. Nevertheless I sometimes find it hard to bear.

Bernard Schlink in ‘The Reader’.

It is perfectly possible to get rid of past ‘ghosts’ and bogeys that hurt us … the ‘Peace of Mind’ programme would be an excellent start to this process.  My old friend the late Dr John Hartland, doctor and writer said that when he was a young doctor in psychiatric outpatients, 60% would be helped by learning to become more calm and relaxed and made a hypnotic script to help.  A development of this as a recorded script is in the ‘Peace of Mind’ programme.  Take control and give it a whirl!  You can download chapter 1 free … A way of dumping unwanted feelings can be found at www.cringedump.com.


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