After the very bright light,

And the talking bird,

And the singing,

And the sky filled up wi’wings,

And then the silence,

Our lads sez

“We’d better go, then.

Stay, Shep.  Good dog, stay.”

So I stayed wi’t’ sheep.

After they cum back,

It sounded grand, what they’d seen:

Camels, and Kings, and such,

Wi’ presents – human sort,

Not the kind you eat –

And a baby.  Presents wes for him.

Our lads took him a lamb.

I had to stay behind wi’ sheep.

Pity they didn’t tek me along, too.

I’m good wi’ sheep,

And the baby might have liked a dog

After all that myrrh and such.

U. A. Fanthorpe “Christmas Poems”: Enitharmon press


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