Affirmations: Each day in Every Way I am …

An affirmation may confirm a belief that is already held, or it may seek to reinforce a belief that is preferred to the one that is currently held. If we have no confidence in ourselves, and the merest thought of talking to a stranger makes us quiver, we do so because we believe that we are basically worthless.  We may choose an affirmation something like, ‘With every passing moment I feel more and more confident’ or ‘I am a valuable and unique person’.

We will look at the specifics of the way we can use affirmations to enhance our lives later …

Even though Stuart Wilde proposed the definition of affirmation quoted yesterday:-

 “An affirmation is, in effect, a statement either of word, thought, feeling, or action that underlines or confirms a belief pattern that you hold. There are negative or positive affirmations.” ,

this is by no means new.  Those of us who have either read John Galsworthy’s “The Forsyte Saga” of which the first novel was published in 1906, or who are old enough to remember it on British television, will remember the rather lovely child of our hero, Soames Forsyte.  As a mother-to-be (ignorant of what we know of modern genetics) she wanders around saying to herself, repetitively and monotonously, “Each day, in every way, my child is becoming more and more male”.  The French Doctor Emile Coué, who wrote “Self Mastery Through Autosuggestion” (1922) was in fashion at the time, and purported that the monotonous repetition of desired outcomes in this fashion would have the desired effect.  He advocated a string with twenty little knots in it, on the way to sleep at night and first thing whilst waking up in the morning to use the phrase ‘EACH DAY IN EVERY WAY I AM GETTING BETTER AND BETTER’.  He has it printed like this, in capitals, to emphasise the importance of his suggestion.

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