CG Jung’s use of myth in our lives

Another believer in the significance of myth to human life was psychologist Carl  Gustav Jung.  He saw the journey of each individual echoed in the journey of the collective ‘hero’.  Relegated to the background for a number of years, recent times has seen a resurgence of use of myth – either personal or collective – in the context of personal healing and the fulfilment of human potential, as well as in psychotherapy.

The recent interest in meditation, specifically meditation not associated with a particular religion or belief system, or what Hewitt (1992) calls ‘Meditation for Better Health and Psycho-Physical Relaxation’ has caused a rise in popularity of techniques of ‘Creative Visualisation’ as well as ‘Mind Control’.  The use of altered states of awareness to enhance performance in many spheres – for instance sports performance has also gained a rise in popularity.  It may therefore be useful to consider the relationship between myth and the unconscious, and whether we find anything there of value in our quest for Peace of Mind.

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