Do you resent being told you what to do?

Do people tell you what to do?  Give you orders?  Do you resent being told you what to do? It seems that no-one likes to be told what to do by someone else.  When does it start?  Do you remember a time when it was OK to be told?

I was talking to Emma this morning.  She is nearly 3 (going on 13).  She was telling me that she had been in the pool and had “swimmed”.

I said, in as kindly a way as I could “You might consider saying ‘swam’ “.

She said “I swammed”

I said “When Nannie says something like that it is to try to help you, darling.  Is it helpful or is it a bit annoying?”

“Noying” she said.

No wonder youngsters kick off whilst we attempt to interfere … I resolved to try not to do it next time!  Talk about ‘out of the mouths of babes!’  They really do know what they want!

Are you resentful when being told what to do?  Do you get angry about it?   There are many tips about living in the “Peace of Mind – Pathways to successful Living” book, chapter 1 being downloadable free on the home page. Exercise 1 in Chapter 1 is how we felt when we were challenged, in fact!

Brilliant stuff about raising young ones is in “The Mnemodynamic Practitioner Manual – An Aid to Every Therapist” appendices, re-printed with kind permission from Jacqui Pearson and the late Ivan Sokolov of ‘The Parent Network’ and is available from:

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