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The inner journey with Joanne was written about ysterday.  It came up and occurred spontaneously within a therapy session.  It is an example of how individual a symbolic journey can be, and also how powerful.  If we accept the research finding reported by Syer & Connolly, that nerve pathways are widened by the use of mental techniques, then it is easy to see that a mythical or symbolic journey like this does in fact ‘get into’ a real place somewhere in the hidden part of ourselves, and can in fact influence our lives tremendously. 

Popular Fantasy, both films and books really reflect a desire to access our symbolic selves. The simple reality is that we can access our deepest parts, and bring about profound changes as quickly and simply as Joanne did as mentioned in the last posting.

Most film makers use symbolism.  When it starts to rain it is often symbolic of tears.  If a character is going to be imprisoned either physically or emotionally they are seen behind bars be it erect lances (“Last of the Mohicans”)or  a balustrade. In “It’s a Wonderful Life” the director uses a diagonal clothes line to divide our hero George Bailey from his guardian angel Clarence.  Other films will describe a ‘journey’ of ‘trials’ like “Pan’s Labyrinth”.  There are many, echoing Homer in Greek myths.  You can perhaps start to look at films in that way!

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