Mental images enacted in our lives …

Much interesting work has grown out of Jung’s theories.  One in particular springs to mind, and that is the work of Dora Kalff from Germany.  She is the pioneer of what has come to be called ’Sandplay Therapy’, which consists of constructing a picture or scene in a sand tray.  Toys and symbols are used to create a picture in the sand.  Recorded over time, these pictures or images produce a fascinating window on the hidden part of the mind, and the process of their creation has a powerful therapeutic effect on the psyche.  The basis of the therapy is non-verbal, and the role of the therapist is as witness and support for the unfolding journey of the client.

Mental images can be used in a similar way.  Each of us has our own story or myth, which we are enacting in our lives.  When our lives ‘don’t work’ for whatever reason, we can help ourselves to cope better by discovering the reason for our difficulty and by recognising that our lives are in effect our own hero’s journey.  Our difficulty may stem from ‘faulty programming’ or inappropriate ideas we hold about ourselves, usually dating from a distant childhood time; from too much stress; ill health, or any of a number of problems which can beset us on our journey.

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