Mental imaging will’ve been used by our Olympians!

There is a technique called ‘mental imaging’ by the academic establishment.  It will undoubtedly have been used by our Olympians.

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Positive results have come from research into this technique.  Syer and Connolly (1984) list the following benefits of Mental Imaging:

  • 1. It affects physical functioning – research into biofeedback techniques has demonstrated the ability of the mind to do this.

2.  It accelerates the learning process – physical practise involves nerve impulses running from muscles to the brain. This widens the pathway between muscles and brain used by these signals, in a similar way to the way a path is worn across the field by many walkers.  Mental imaging has been found to cause a similar effect – therefore mental practise can be very powerful and as useful as physical practise.

3. It uses a language the body understands. The body does not communicate by words, it communicates by seeing and feeling – visually / kinaesthetically.

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Regarding the theoretical back up of Sue’s working practices which was spoken about in the last posting, there are mountains of research data on the nature and function of the two halves or hemispheres of our brain.  The differentiation into ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’ is a well-known concept within popular psychology.  The left-brain is said to deal with matters of logical and concrete significance, while the right brain is the ‘creative’ or ‘intuitive’ side.

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