Pressure on us!

There is a lot of pressure to get, and keep a job. There is constant political uncertainty.  Since long reign of Margaret Thatcher, a rule of fear seems to have been started from the Prime Minister downwards. Both choice of job and job security are things of the past.

There is a lot of social pressure on people to marry and have a family. When you marry, the limelight is on you until you start to produce offspring. Then it often gets turned off.

We don’t have much training in anything to do with relationships, person to person, or parent to child, if any.

Only when things go wrong, do we get any help and then it’s usually in the form of telling us what we SHOULD be doing.

Being a parent has its own pressure and is a big commitment – 24 hours a day, for 18 years without much help from society.

Considering all this and the day to day trials and tribulations of work and family life, we are all doing incredibly well.

Above all, right now, we are doing the best we know how.

We all deserve a big pat on the back for all our good work we have done, and length of service we have done it over.

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