Tinnitus – and the power of suggestion …

About Tinnitus – and the power of suggestion …

I entered one of these round robin competitions a few minutes before writing this post.  I thought of my old dad who used to say ‘you never know your luck in a raffle!’  He died well over twenty years ago – but I still hear his voice in my head.  It’s always kindly, always guiding … Not all the voices that come back to me are like that … Maybe yours aren’t either!

I remember the client who had voices in his ears (and tinnitus).  He built them up into loud speakers that came at him at a huge volume of decibels!

… I remembered to him the time I was in the bath with my new 21st birthday gift of a much loved battery-operated Sony transistor radio perched on the side. Sweetie, my cat jumped up.  Oh dear!  In a glug or two my wonderful radio was gone forever!

Getting rid of voices or noises responds very well to this approach!

How to deeply relax and lower those noises is in ‘the Valley’ recorded track as well as ‘the Sound of Calm’.  ‘The magic Garden will help you boot-out the noises.  Sign up and get the whole life-changing package NOW!

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