Reducing stress

Reducing stress

Regarding stress reduction, enough has been written on the subject to fill more than one sizeable library.  The fact that many companies now employ ‘Stress Busters’ to help their employees cope is a positive step forward, but is also in itself a sad indictment of the state we find ourselves in.


In many respects, stress has recently been ‘discovered’, and there are not many who would now argue the figures put out on a regular basis claiming enormous percentage loss in profits to companies due to the effects of stress on employees.

As stress is clearly one of the great obstacles to peace of mind, it is necessary to consider it here, under a separate heading, although even without specific attention being paid to it, stress levels automatically reduce when life is lived more effectively and peacefully.

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All of the various aspects presented within Peace of Mind have an impact on the level of stress experienced by the individual.  When personal, internal stress is reduced (via relaxation) and psychological tensions are reduced (via self-hypnosis, visualisation and affirmations) and interpersonal stress is reduced (via more effective communications and positive relationships) ‘stress’ as a separate entity no longer exists.

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