The ‘curse’ of period pains

When I was growing up, people still called a period the ‘curse’.  I had a client yesterday in her 60s who had had gynaecological problems all her life.  She was terribly embarrassed about it and had never disclosed to anyone about it.

I talked to her about ‘the sisterhood’ and how most females who disclose will tell you about some unfortunate thing or other that happened to them, be it period pains or something else … She was very grateful to know that she was not alone.  Far from it I suspect!!

I related an old (now late) friend who used to refer to menstruation as ‘the curse’ … (dear Anne).

This morning this e-mail link popped in suggesting that you all help and I decided to talk to you about it.  The link is here if you want to join others and sign the petition.  It is reckoned that the average tax paid by a woman over her lifetime is £1,500.  I bet if men had periods this would soon alter!

I will show you how to relax through period pains.  Sign to download the “Peace of Mind – Pathways to Effective Living” book right now!

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