“Why must you always put me down”? (It’s their need my dear!!)

“Why must you always put me down”?  This was a Facebook comment from a young diving buddy of mine … It took me years to work this one out Jane.  I remember when I was young in my work always feeling put down by a particular colleague (who eventually became head of department!).  It was really difficult for me and eventually I left my much-loved job.

Look at your friends around you and most of the time you will jog along as equals give or take a bit.

ALL human behaviour is driven by a need.  The net effect for the putter-downer is they feel momentarily bigger.  Do you and I do that to each other Jane?  NO!! Definitely not!!  What is their need behind their behaviour?  Why do they need to feel big?

If someone needs to feel BIG  then they are telling you that they really feel SMALL.  It could be argued that this is their problem, not yours …

Withdraw your consent dearest and stand TALL!!  It is no less than you deserve …

Why others behave like this is shown in the “Peace of Mind – Pathways to Successful Living” book.  What to do about it and how to feel better about yourself is all there for YOU.  Sign up and download NOW or try chapter 1 free.  I guarantee the recorded tracks will make you feel better!

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