Winnie-the Pooh’s Christopher Robin gets resentment of Dad!

Parenthood is a no-win situation.  A single mum with teenagers said to me the other day “it (bringing up children) is about damage limitation” … That’s about right!  I suspect that since there’s no such thing as a perfect parent, only one that does his or her best.  It will always be so! It’s probable that we all have mental pictures of the idyllic childhood of Christopher Robin Milne as written about by his father A A Milne in “The House at Pooh Corner” and other books before being animated by Walt Disney.  It was only recently I read of Christopher Robin’s feeling that his childhood had been exploited, and was showing resentment of his parents who he felt had taken over his young years.  After growing up, there was a long period (ten years) of estrangement between Christopher Robin and his parents before they attended his wedding to his cousin. To the rest of us, things had been ideal in the Milne lives – enviable – but look what was just under the surface as far as Christopher Robin was concerned! It must be the human pattern that we resent or are angry at parents.  It IS POSSIBLE to fix and heal the scars. See if you can find a Mnemodynamic psychotherapist.  (Call me on 01772 617663 if you want your nearest one).

Definition: Mnemodynamic therapy is a set (model) of existing techniques further refined to help the client remove and come to terms with their life issues both past and present.  It integrates the best of CBT and NLP with Freudian analysis adding the benefit of the speed of hypnotherapy.  A state of great improvement with equilibrium is usually reached in 6 sessions.

The model was designed to help people deal with simple or complex and traumatic past events in what we consider to be the most fluent collection of methods, or model, yet put together… Look at “The Mnemodynamic Practitioner Manual – An Aid to Every Therapist” which is available from:

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