Wonderful dream! “Too many irons in the fire”

The use of myth in ancient and traditional ‘psychology’ establishes a good precedent for us to follow.  It is probably worthwhile to take the time to learn the symbolic language of the unconscious.  By beginning to understand the messages that come from the unconscious – both our own, in the form of dreams and images, and that from the minds of others, through the use of world myth and fairytale – we can begin to formulate messages from our conscious to our unconscious.

In the last couple of weeks I had a dream.  It was like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego walking around in a fiery furnace – only mine weren’t Jewish princes with a devotion to God but lions.  A whole pride of them.  They were healthy and unharmed by the flames and I woke with a strong recall of the dream wondering what my unconscious was trying to tell me!  I always have a ‘lot on’ and get involved in projects and so on.  I’ve always done so!  However, as I thought, and the dream stayed with me, I realised that it wasn’t LIONS that were in the fire but IRONS!  It was also somehow tangled up with my pride.

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As a rider, it didn’t take me long to cease a couple of interests … let a lion or two out – and am bent on doing some more!

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