Are you rather restrained? Learn to be playful again!

Are you rather restrained? Learn to be playful again!

I’ve mentioned Louise Hay before in a previous blog.  One of Louise Hay’s statements that I use as an antidote to my own negativity is “I choose to make my life light and easy and joyful  If you can learn to live life this was it is easier!  Now I am writing this blog some time after the original ‘Peace of Mind’ manuscript I can testify  that ‘easier’ has become EASY AND JOYFUL!! Yippee!!!

Louise Hay’s web-links are below: Your Body Is Asking for Help by Louise Hay – HealYourLife and

Louise L. Hay – Internationally renowned author and Hay ...

 Play is a powerful means of communicating with children, and we can apply it to the inner part of ourselves, our child part that lives inside us all as well.  How about a project in an expressive medium? : –

drawing 2

 An Art based one on paper:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Charcoal
  • felt-tips
  • pastels

drawing 1

Something which may take a little longer such as:

  • sewing
  • three dimensional collage work
  • clay work at a pottery class


How about selecting an ongoing project?  Spontaneous things can be very helpful:

  • sand play (this does amazing things for children)
  • digging in the dirt
  • gardening and is also very therapeutic, as any gardener will tell you


Remember, the more structured and goal oriented the activity, the less the child part of you will be able to express itself spontaneously.  A short dig in a heap of soil or sand would also be most acceptable.

 There are many things that will help you in Sue’s book “Peace of Mind – Pathways to Successful Living”.  Download chapter 1 free now!

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