Assertive: how we SHOULD behave – can you do it?

Assertive: how we SHOULD behave – can you do it?

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Assertive Behaviour Patterns:

Carrying on from yesterday, the third category of behaviour is based on an open and honest communication with self and with the environment.  Assertive behaviour stems from an attitude to life, which is characterised by a sense of ease and flow, and an ability to vary responses appropriately to differing situations and to adapt to circumstances with a type of intelligent fluidity.

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Assertive behaviour will appear in the presence of self-respect and respect for others.  If we are able to value ourselves and our needs, as well as others and their needs as 100% important, without elevating one over another, we begin to approach assertiveness.  An assertive individual is one who is able to compromise, and to balance his or her own needs responsibly with the needs of others, without acting in a way that is disadvantageous to anyone.  True assertiveness is the only way to peaceful coexistence.  It is also the only way to a sense of inner peace, and therefore true peace of mind.

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