Did looking at a picture of yourself ‘take you back’?

Did looking at a picture of yourself ‘take you back’ to that time?

Another powerful technique that Louise Hay recommends is to use a photograph of yourself as a child to try to re-connect with the part of you captured frozen in time in the picture.  The exercise below describes how to do this.  Ten to twenty minutes should help you get a long way …

Altered Awareness

You can reach your inner child is by altering your awareness – accessing the memory as it is stored.  This is a powerful and direct method, and in most cases is a journey we are advised to take only with the aid and support of someone professionally trained.

To explain why we say this, let us use an analogy that can be easily understood.  We can compare our minds/brains to a very complex computer system.  To run our computer selves properly, we employ a computer operator who is also a very skilled programmer.  Over time this individual has worked out the programme that we know as ourselves – the personality we show to the world and the way we feel inside.  Our programmer has been with us for a long time, and together we have figured out how this system works.

1. Find a photograph of yourself as a child.

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 2. Look carefully at the photograph, and try to connect with what you see.  If you have several photos of yourself as a child, better still.  Try to connect with the part of you that was frozen in time in each photo.

3. Another very powerful way to do a similar thing is to seat yourself in front of a mirror, and look deeply into your own eyes, and find the child hidden in there.

4. Talk to yourself while you do this.  Talking to your child, perhaps using something other than your present name, like a childhood nickname helps to initiate communication.  Speak to your inner child as if it were a real child. It helps if you had a nickname as a child.

5. Note what it feels like when you use a name like this.  For many of us there is some slight gut reaction, because a child nick-name is something that we “grew out of” and its use may well take us a little distance back to where we once were.  This is good, because it means that we are a little closer to communicating with our inner child.

6. Whether or not there was a nick-name, begin talking to your inner child as if he or she is a physical child.  Ask what the child would like to do, or what the child feels about any situation.  A particularly nurturing thing to do is to take some time – say a weekend, or a day, or even a few hours when external demands can be ignored, or at least minimised, and prepare your house as if a child was coming.  Take your child to the supermarket, and ask what type of food they would like in preparation for your ‘special time’ together.  Or plan an outing – something the child would really like.

7.Again ask the child what they would like to do – and as the loving parent of the child, do all you can to make it possible.  It may be something you’ve always wanted to do as a child, but were never allowed or able to do.  Give   yourself the treat.

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