Discovering about needs that lie behind all behaviour – you as a child!

This posting is about discovering the needs that lie behind all behaviour – firstly, for you as a child!

WHOSE NEEDS were these, when you were a child?

See if you can think about this during your day for 15 minutes or so


  • Remember something that you used to do that your parents didn’t like or something they used to do that you didn’t like.


Write down the example taking care to describe in simple words what was actually going on rather than use labels.


  • Think to yourself … What do you think you (or your parent) was trying to do by behaving that way?
  • What was it about the behaviour that led you (or your parent) to get upset about?

With regard to needs that do drive behaviour.  It is SO EASY to take the actions of the other personally!

needs 4

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