Do you hide things away in your mind?

Do you hide things away in your mind? Our programmer has sorted all our internal files in a way which only the two of you understand.  The things we like are easily accessible while the things we don’t like are put in a place that we seldom go, and there are files that are so secret that we’ve even forgotten about them, and there are files that need a special password to access.  In all probability parts of our child are in these files. inner child 3

The important thing to know is that our programmer arranges things the way they are so that we can function in the best way possible. What happens when we enter an altered state, is that this programmer is by-passed to some extent.

inner child 2

If we reach an altered state via sleep, we could perhaps surmise that the programmer has left a junior person in charge, and some of the secret material gets out – but usually in coded form, and we experience it as dreams.  If we reach an altered state via meditation, we enter this state with the consent of the programmer.  We get to browse the files with the programmer watching carefully.  It may happen that our programmer dozes off briefly, and we get a glimpse of something in a secret file, but always the programmer is there either to censor or edit the material quite quickly, or to integrate the information in a harmless or better still, a useful way.  Still following this analogy, the process of learning to meditate can be compared to a process of gaining the trust of the programmer.  Slowly, little by little, the programmer allows us deeper and deeper into the secret files, and helps us to integrate what we have learned from there.

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Another way to reach and altered state, and thereby access our inner child, is via hypnosis.  This is by far the quickest and most direct route.  The skilled practitioner lulls the programmer to a state sometimes mis-labelled as sleep, and allows us to access the secret files without having to de-code them.  What must be remembered about this state is that the programme still runs, so it is not as though there is instant access into every part of the system. The programme determines which files are nearest the surface, and which are more deeply hidden, and also which are filed together.  If anything goes wrong, and alarms start going off, the programmer returns to his or her post, and access to the system is denied.

Inner child 4

This analogy makes it clear that using altered state to access your inner child can be difficult or even traumatic, because a great deal of previously hidden information may surface, and if the programmer isn’t there to help integrate it, damage to the system can occur. Search diligently for the hypnotherapist that makes both you and your child feel comfortable.  When you find one, this method of working is greatly recommended, because you can make tremendous progress with the skilled help of another person.

Peace of Mind™ has a partner, and the Mnemodynamic Register website has a list of therapists trained in its own method, Mnemodynamic Therapy.

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Whichever way you make a connection with you inner child, give that child the most important message you can give any child.  Let that child know that you love him or her, and that he or she is not alone.  Wonderful and important as relationships are with other people in our lives, the one relationship that will always be with us is the relationship we have with ourselves.  We will always be there, and as we work towards making that relationship a positive one, whereby we love and honour and approve of ourselves, we will find that our lives will assume a new dimension, and we will begin to have a sense of the sun coming through the clouds after a very long, dark winter.

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