Do you live in role; Don’s wife, Jo’s mum/dad? What about YOU?

Do you live in role; Don’s wife, Jo’s mum/dad, the boss at the office? What about YOU?  Are you more than the wage-earner?  You CAN feel that you have lost your individuality and don’t matter!

role 1

When we know ourselves only from the outside, it is difficult to know our needs, as they are experienced internally.  When this happens, we place the needs of our role above our individual needs. This devalues us, and makes us feel that our needs ‘don’t matter’.

role 2

As we grow within ourselves and come to realise that we are important and valuable people, it becomes easier to express our needs and to take the necessary steps to fill them.

role 3 role 4

It is important that we learn to differentiate between those needs which are genuinely our own, and those needs we experience as a result of the influence exerted by the outside world.

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