Fear!  One of the most unkind things we do to ourselves is to waste vast amounts of both time and energy worrying about things that will probably never happen, and half scaring ourselves to death in the process.  Our bodies react physically to fear by producing an extra burst of energy.  This is very useful when the fear is real, and we need to do something to get away from it. But when the fear is in our minds, the physical rush of adrenaline is not useful at all – in fact it produces the symptoms we know as stress.  This process of turning molehills into mountains occurs for many reasons, almost all of them associated with the way we feel about ourselves.  “What if … I can’t do the job…? Nobody likes me … I forget what I wanted to say when I stand up in front of all those people … they laugh at me … I fail the test … I fall on my face…”

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The possibilities are endless, and share one thing in common.  None of them have happened yet! Andrew Matthews, in his delightfully humorous book “Being Happy” (1988, p 38) has a simple solution to this problem. Products – Andrew Matthews


“All you have is now.  The measure of our peace of mind and the measure of our personal effectiveness are determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment.  Regardless of what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow, NOW is where you are.  From this point of view, the key to happiness and contentment must be in focusing our minds on the present moment”.  Just think about it.  How is the “now” in which you are reading this page?  Is it all right, maybe give or take a bit?  Think about it.  Any moments past have gone.  Worrying about them will not help.  When the next moment comes, and the next, it will be “now”.  Wasn’t your “now” when I asked you “Are you really all right?”

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