Have you sat on your playful self for years?

Have you sat on your playful self for years?


It seems both obvious and strange to suggest communicating with our inner child.  One way of doing this is by becoming aware of the little voice within, but if we have been spending a great deal of time denying our child, this may be quite difficult to do.


Play is a powerful means of communicating with children, and we can apply it to our child as well.  Expressive media such as art – drawing or painting, sewing, three dimensional collage work, and so on, are obvious choices, as is clay, sculpting or sand play.  Playing with sand and in the sand does amazing things for children.  It’s no accident that some people have violent reactions to sand. Some people dislike sand because it’s ‘messy’, while others don’t like the texture.  Gardening and digging in the dirt is also very therapeutic, as any gardener will tell you, although the more structured and goal oriented the activity, the less the child will be able to express it self spontaneously.

sand 2

The inner child is very much associated with creativity, and has been related to the activity of the right half of the brain. It makes sense therefore to think that by accessing what is popularly called ‘the right brain’; we are coming closer to communicating with our inner child.


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