How do YOU work out exactly who you are?

How do YOU work out exactly who you are?

Who are we?

Before we can express our needs, we must be aware of them ourselves, and tied up with this, is the issue of personal identity.  The question ‘Who am I?’ is such a difficult one to answer that it has become subject of a philosophical debate which has occupied the greatest human minds throughout the ages. The need for a personal identity is however an immediate one, and one which we often resolve by identifying ourselves in relationship with others, or in terms of our function in the world.  We are ‘a mother’ ‘a father’ ‘a lawyer’ ‘an accountant’ ‘John’s wife’ ‘Sally’s father’ and so on.

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Our identification with social or externally determined roles can be so profound that it can at times rob us of our very lives.  The position of women in many societies is a good example of this.  We need only to consider the extremes of physical or emotional mutilation, or even death, to which women have been subjected to appreciate the extent to which this is true.

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Historically, women in Western culture have identified themselves by their role as wife or mother, and all other concerns have been subservient to this function.  Although it is fair to say that these stereotypes are changing, many of us, men and women alike, are still only able to define ourselves in relationship to the external world.

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