How problems from our past history can affect us

How problems from our past history can affect us is explored a bit here.

The statement that the unconscious mind is filed by association has a long reach. A person’s feelings of rejection can have little to do with an incident that is happening NOW, but can be so much more strongly associated with those of the twelve and fourteen year old we once were. For example, of course a mother does not reject a twelve-year-old by dying – but that’s not the point. The youngster can feel rejected. A sister doesn’t necessarily reject her younger sister one when fleeing from the wrath of her father, of course not, but the youngster can feel “stranded”. With careful psychotherapy, feelings that are in us from the far past can be, mercifully, laid to rest.

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You can deduce therefore, that a small incident as a child – say of a grazed knee, may be stored in the same ‘file’ or ‘box’ as a traumatic motor accident in which we were made to feel insignificant, and a shattered love affair, in which our feelings were denied. When the box or file is opened, not only will the feelings associated with the grazed knee emerge, but also the associated feelings from the other ‘items’ stored with it. Fortunately, however, most of the time these ‘files’ remain password protected. It’s usually only when the whole storage system gets too full and overflows, that a little leakage occurs. This usually shows up as one of a whole range of symptoms and we have a clear message that something is wrong. If the illness or sense of ‘wrong’ persists, we usually do something about it by seeking help from the professional we believe will be able to solve the problem for us.

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