How we can make assumptions and guess the wrong thing …

This is a little story about how making assumptions can be damaging to the person we make assumptions about!!


I have a dentist friend who works in Sweden.  John would consider himself South African, the land of his birth, though is of Indian extraction. 

Living in the South of Sweden, now a married man with a Swedish wife and adopted South African daughter, the family would ‘commute’ to Copenhagen on the ‘flying boat’ every now and again for a change of shopping scene.  As you probably know, drinking laws are tight in Sweden and it would be nice to buy a few bottles of wine.  

Every time the family re-entered their own country, John would be stopped and questioned.  His pretty white, blonde, typically Swedish wife said he “looked like a hi-jacker!”  John pointed out to the Swedish port authorities what they were doing rather than make a complaint, and, to give the Swedish port authorities their due, they did stop singling him out.  

These assumptions are common themes in our cinemas and on our TV screens and reflect a great illness in our society… 

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