Regarding impatience, we often expect a great deal more of ourselves than we would expect of anyone else.  Whether it is about the time we allow ourselves to master a new skill, or the way we are unable to say ‘no’ to the demands of others, and overload ourselves with commitments, or simply the way we refuse to allow ourselves to make mistakes, we often have unrealistically high expectations of ourselves. 

Even the term ‘mistake’ implies a judgement.  A wise teacher once said that there are no mistakes, only experiences.  This is restated in NLP terms (Neuro Linguistic Programming, which we will consider later) as, “There is no such thing as failure, only feedback”.


Whether we call it experience or feedback, it is a powerful idea, because it implies that we have choice, decision, and then experience, and whatever the outcome of the experience, it teaches us something, even if we learn that we do not want to repeat that experience.  The power of this philosophy is that it prevents us from judging ourselves harshly, and allows us to learn from the experiences that we would previously have called mistakes.


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