Louise Hay’s Drawing with your Inner Child

Louise Hay’s drawing with your Inner Child: my old (now late) teacher Peter Blythe would have called her method ‘drawing with your Unconscious Mind! Writing or drawing is one way of connecting with your inner child. Louise Hay (1991) recommends using your non-dominant hand to draw a picture.  This exercise provides you with an opportunity.  Five or ten minutes is enough to make a start!

child 2

The inner child is very much associated with creativity, and has been related to the activity of the right half of the brain. It makes sense therefore to think that by accessing what is popularly called ‘the right brain’; we are coming closer to communicating with our inner child.  Louise Hay recommends using your non-dominant hand to draw a picture.

child 3

If you allow yourself to do everything with your non-dominant hand, including the choice of colours, and just relax into the process, amazing insights can be achieved. Even more so if you can suspend judgement about the quality of the picture that emerges, remembering that it is a young child doing the drawing.

  1. Sit with your unlined paper pad on your knee in front of you. 
  2. Hold your pen or pencil in your non-dominant hand.
  3. Choose colours also with your non-dominant hand.
  4. Relax.
  5. Ask your inner child to draw a picture about a certain event in your life, and just allow it to happen.  You could ask your child to draw a picture of you, or to represent your life path – the things that happened to you, or a picture of your family, or the significant people in your life.
  6. Without looking at your paper, let your writing implement draw. 
  7. How are you doing? Amazing insights can be achieved.
  8. So much the better if you can suspend judgement about the quality of the drawing, remembering that it the young child from inside you doing the drawing.

If a physical child presented you with the drawing that you see emerging from beneath your hand, you would accept it without judgement. You would appreciate the skill of the child, given its age, and may even experience a sense of love in your heart.


If you can have this sense of love for your inner child in your heart, the process of opening to yourself will proceed in leaps and bounds.  It may feel strange, or even a bit silly, especially at first, so you will probably want to be quite private when you do this. (In reaching for your inner child, don’t alienate your parent or adult – they are part of you too!) Notice if you feel any differently, or whether the way you feel is perhaps coming from a slightly different place within you.

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