More about past problems: storage

More about past problems: concerning storage

From what has been said in this blog earlier, it seems clear that our storage system is necessary for our health and survival in the world, and we invest a great deal of energy in making sure it’s functioning efficiently. Even a perfectly functioning storage system exacts a price. The more efficiently we lock our feelings away, the less in touch we become with the way we feel, and also the more difficult it becomes to connect with others and to relate to what is going on around us.

Another thing happens when we deny a significant portion of the way we feel. In the first place, we start to believe that we must be totally insignificant and unimportant because there is no-one ‘out there’ able to validate us.  Secondly, we assume that as ‘out there’ is right, and as it does not agree with our experience ‘in here’, we must be wrong.  By logical deduction our perception and/or information processing system must be faulty.  This means that we are unreliable, and unreliable, as we know, means ‘no-good’. We no longer feel good about ourselves, or trust ourselves.  We grow suspicious, and we stop loving or even liking ourselves much at all.

overfull storage

Moment of Choice

If we react to situations because of all this stuff stored inside of us, surely it’s not ‘our fault’ and there is nothing we can do to make things different?  Surely, by our own definition change isn’t possible, ever?  Surely things will just get worse and worse?  Unlikely as it may seem at our deepest and darkest moment, it is possible to change the way we react.  There is a process whereby we can turn ‘react’ into ‘respond’.  This change is one of the first and most fundamental steps to achieving true Peace of Mind.

From “Peace of Mind – Pathways to Successful Living” by Sue Washington. Download chapter 1 free today!

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