‘More and more’ syndrome

Needs or Wants

My mother told me years ago I had too much ‘stuff’.  She was right of course.  There is great personal ‘cleansing’ for me in having a massive clear-out!

Our society is characterised by a sort of ‘more and more’ syndrome. Some would say that it is not only our society, but the nature of the universe itself which is expanding, always getting bigger, and more. We always seem to want something, and when we get it we do not feel satisfied, so we focus our attention on wanting something else. The key to understanding this phenomenon lies therefore not in finding the object or outcome of our desires, but in investigating the process of our desiring.

According to Maslow, once we have achieved the fulfilment of the needs on one level of the hierarchy, we can begin on the second level. In practise there is a degree of flow between levels.  We may find ourselves unemployed and in serious danger of not meeting our physical needs, while simultaneously being concerned with the level 4 needs of recognition, acceptance and a sense of competency.


There is also the possibility that although we are in possession of a healthy bank balance, and have totally fulfilled level 1 and 2 needs, that we continue to strive for greater success and financial security, even to the detriment of the higher level needs that Maslow suggests should now be enjoying our attention.

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