Peer pressure: are you getting that car to impress the neighbours?

” Keeping up with the Joneses’ has been a phrase in use seemingly forever in out language.  Peer pressure is an example of a need forced from the outside.


Needs of this type are obvious in children or young adults, when ‘everyone else’ has or does what we want.  Children regularly come home from school wanting this, that or the other because a friend has it and would not be ‘seen dead’ in a make of trainers which is a lesser one.  My parents were not well off and I didn’t pressure for things, I just internalised: I remember feeling inferior at Grammar school in the early 1960s when all the girls had Slazenger tennis racquets and mine as ten shillings of Preston Market!  Peer pressure can seem enormous.  The desired object in this case is not the real focus of the need – the need is for peer approval and acceptance.

Jomeses 2

The object is wanted to fulfil that need.  It is easy to see the difference between a need and a want in a case such as this.

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