Remembering how we were labelled

Here is an excercise to help you with remembering how we were labelled …

  1. Think about how it felt to be labelled critically by your parents and indeed by any other adult in your early life. Do you / did you label others?
  2. Come up with a specific description of the actual behaviour behind the label that conveys:
  3. What, exactly, were you doing to get that label?
  4. What, exactly, were the other people doing to get that label?
  5. Think about the label, whether it is a so-called “bad” label, or a so-called “good” one.
  6. Have you still got it?
  7. Where does it come from now?
  8. Do you still have to keep it? Remember the choice is yours. Many of us can act in ways that create self-fulfilling prophecies that confirm that we “are” a particular, previously labelled behaviour, rather than that we actually deserve to keep it.
  9. Please remember that you have a choice here, and think of challenging yourself and doing something else with whatever caused the label, like describing the behaviour, rather than you, the person.

labelling 1

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