The Girl with No Clothes Sense

This is a story about the Girl with No Clothes Sense

The piece below was written ABOUT me rather than by me. It was written by Adreinne Cutner-Green, a wonderful young woman I trained.  In this piece, she talks about herself (as having ‘no clothes sense’) and about me (‘the woman’).  I am still honoured to read it.

Through this blog I aim to give you the skills I have spent my life perfecting and passing on to my clients … Please stick with it and together we will change the world …

‘Once upon a time there was a girl who had No Clothes Sense. She knew that she had No Clothes Sense because when she looked around she saw lots of people looking beautiful and self-assured in colourful new clothes. Sometimes she tried to dress colourfully too, but somehow the effect never seemed to be quite the same.  So she carried on wearing the same dull old things that she always wore, and tried not to care about having No Clothes Sense and never being colourful, but she often felt sad and disorganised without quite knowing why.

One day she met a woman who looked right into her eyes and smiled at her and exclaimed, “Oh, aren’t you pretty!” When the girl heard this she looked around to see who the woman was talking to, but there was no one else nearby. So she said “I’m sorry, who do you mean? You can’t be talking to me.  I have No Clothes Sense, everyone knows that.” The woman didn’t say anything, but just smiled again, and the girl found herself smiling back and the sad feeling seemed to go away for a while.

The next day the girl found herself trying on some new clothes, and even though she had No Clothes Sense, the woman laughed and threw her arms around her because she looked so pretty.  The next day, and the next, and the one after that the girl tried on more new things, and each day the sad feeling became a little fainter and her life became a little calmer and more organised, and each day the girl worried less and less about having No Clothes Sense.

Then one day the girl was walking down the street hardly feeling sad at all and she saw a shadow in a doorway. Then she realised that it wasn’t a shadow at all but a small grey person. “Hello,” said the girl. The small grey person looked surprised. “There’s no point in talking to me,” she said. “I have No Clothes Sense, everyone knows that.” The girl looked at the small grey person and she felt a smile starting from deep inside her.  The smile grew and grew until it burst out onto her face, so bright that it lit up the small grey person so brightly that she had to smile too. “My,” said the girl, smiling like the sun and holding out a hand. “Aren’t you pretty?” “

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