The WHY game …

The Why Game


Consider any one of the things you want in your life.  The need for more money is universal enough to use as an example.  Let’s consider Jim’s desire to win the lottery.  Assume you want to win the lottery and ask yourself:

       Why do I want to win the lottery?’

       The answer may be ‘Because I want to pay off all my debts.’ 

       Ask again ‘Why do I want to pay off my debts?’

       Perhaps it’s ‘Because I feel uncomfortable owing money.’ 

       ‘Why do I feel uncomfortable owing money?’

       ‘Because then people think I’m unsuccessful / can’t manage my affairs / am unable to earn enough


why 2

By following this line of questioning a completely different picture may emerge, and it may be possible to modify the behaviour you undertake to fulfil your needs.  It is important to be honest with yourself. It is of course always possible to block yourself, or to reach a point where the only possible answer is ‘because I want it!’  Check whether this is because you have reached a real NEED (use Maslow’s hierarchy as a guideline) or because you are feeling uncomfortable.  If you can be open-minded and accepting of what you come up with, you may discover some interesting things about what motivates you.

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