Working out choice or reaction

As we go through life we work out choice or reaction

As we look at the world around us, we don’t have to have special powers of deduction to work out that ‘things’ are not going quite as well as they ought. Words such as “unemployment”, “homelessness”, “crime rate”, “war”, “social unrest”, “pollution”, “AIDS”, “obesity”, “cancer”, “allergies” and many more indicate our social climate. People are turning this way and that for solutions, and spending vast sums of money on ‘wonder-cures’ to heal body, mind or bank balance.

Amid this hubbub of fear and negativity, a few small voices are reminding us that our lives are intertwined, and everything we do spreads out like ripples, affecting the world and other lives in ways we can hardly imagine. The body of evidence linking our mental or emotional state and our physical well-being is so overwhelming that we finally begin to see that something in our lives other than ‘bad luck’ may be the cause of our eczema, depression or migraine headaches. Slowly we begin to realise that recycling papers or bottles may indeed have an effect, and some of us begin to ask what else can we do?

Looking around and not liking what we see – we begin to wonder about the truth in the old sales slogan: ‘if you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got’. If you are asking, ‘So what else can I do?’ and if you, like many people, have begun to realise that while it is true that our actions affect the world around us, it is our thoughts and our attitudes that produce these actions, then these words are for you. This blog is dedicated to you all who want to the healing of the pain that lies beneath the attitudes that allow us to hurt one another and the world around us. Perhaps together we can discover that we all have a ‘wonderful dress sense’, and that by helping to spread a little bit more peace of mind we can begin a ripple effect that will restore colour to our world.

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